How to read poker hands faster

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how to read poker hands faster

This is because you are playing with a lot of inexperienced players, and also some for whom the money at stake is not significant enough to induce them to put effort into playing well. Such erratic behavior often leads to the mistaken belief that these players could have anything, and that there is therefore no sense in trying to read their hands or make plays based on judgments about what they may hold. However, throwing up your hands in frustration will mean a quick dead-end to your poker career. Instead, you should take a deep breath and realize that information is everywhere — you just have to know what to look for and what to do with it when you find it. In this two-part article I will address hand reading specifically and make some suggestions about how you can glean information even from the seemingly erratic and random behavior of your least sophisticated opponents.
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  • Even as a player, the best thing to think of is, what is the nuts given the current cards? What river card would change the nuts? It's quite likely someone has the nuts, so look for this first.

    Hand Reading - Poker Lessons |

    Be careful though, even today I was playing Omaha Hi and my opponent and I both had the nuts: hands both had on a board that had no triple suit on the boardso be sure to check for split pots as well. Good luck! If there fazter lots of betting and callers, we are likely looking at straights, flushes and full houses depending on what is possible given the community cards.

    Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Ho to learn to read Omaha hands faster. PLay free hands on Pokerstars? Like of em. More posts from the poker community. Right now, it seems like how probably does not have a monster, or else poier poker have re-raised.

    You put him on either a drawing hand, maybe a suited connector, or a showdown hand, something like a small pocket pair or a weak suited Ace. The flop looks read a good one for you: K89, all different suits. You think his most likely holding is some hwnds of showdown hand, either a weak King or one of the smaller pairs.

    The river is a T.

    how to read poker hands faster

    Your opponent checks, and you check as well. The river is a harmless 2. Some players feel obligated to call here, since they have top pkker top kicker and they feel like they induced a bluff by checking on the turn.

    But how often does the big blind have a hand that needs to bluff?

    A Couple of Misconceptions

    Remember that we were putting him on a showdown hand, with an outside chance of a draw or a slowplayed monster. This river bet, though, all but eliminates the showdown category.

    It might be reasonable for him to bet a worse King for value, but you think he would make a smaller bet if fo were doing so. That means that the drawing and monster hands, previously a small part of his range, are now his most likely holdings.

    Oct 10,  · Andrew Brokos of the Thinking Poker podcast provides the first of a two-part series introducing the topic of hand reading. How to Earn Money With the Worst Hands in Poker. How to Read Author: Andrew Brokos. Hand Reading Made Simple. by Andrew Brokos. To the uninitiated, hand reading can seem like an almost mystical poker skill. Using some incomprehensible sixth sense, the best poker players in the world decipher their opponents’ hidden cards and make mind-boggling bluffs and calls as a result. Monster hands – These are the hands where your. Jun 22,  · How To Review Your Own Poker Hands (& Practice Faster) June 22, Beginner Poker Strategy, Complete Guide, Live Poker, Online Poker, Poker Articles Comments off Views 2 You already know that studying poker is important if you truly wish to grow as a .

    But recall how few draws were possible, only 76 and JT. The former is now a straight, whereas the latter has turned second pair and is now a fasetr hand. Thus, only a monster, probably a slowplayed set or a turned straight or two pair, makes sense.

    Folding is correct.

    Poker Hand Reading Tricks - PokerVIP

    You call with 98 suited. The flop comes K76, all different suits. He calls. This would also be a natural time to slowplay a monster, so sets are a possibility. The turn brings a 4 and a possible flush draw, and you check, ready to give up on your draw to most bets. Your opponent checks behind. If he called the flop with a drawing hand, it was with the intention of fster.

    Hand Reading Made Simple – Thinking Poker

    Could he have how monster? This is an awfully unlikely time to slowplay. Not many players will decline to bet with a monster when the pot is so piker, the effective stacks so large, and there is only one betting street hands. Not to mention that there are now quite a few draws out there that he needs to think about.

    It seems, then, that he has a hand he is trying to showdown read. Hans faster is another 6, pairing the board. You check again, prepared to lose to something like 97 at showdown. We already determined that he almost certainly did not check two pair or better on the turn. In either event, it seems unlikely that he can stand a big check-raise.

    Conclusion Notice than in neither of these examples did we put our opponent poker an exact hand. All we needed to know was that he could not have one particular type of hand.

    how to read poker hands faster

    But it is hardly essential to making good decisions against all but the most sophisticated players.

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